About Us

Maa Sarada Rice

Maa Sarada Rice Mills and Industries Private Limited is the company of Maa Sarada Group. The chairman of Maa Sharda rice mill is Mr. Navin Shroff. He has the experience in food business for over two and a half decades. We have our business in rice and other food sectors.In addition to this, he has always been interested in social service and doing welfare of the people. His this interest has led him to be the Chairman of the one of the largest organizations, Antarrastriya Manavadhikar Sangh.

He wants to expand the business all over India and collaborate with people to reach great heights and also do welfare of the people. We are highly motivated by the our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and aim to make his Vision ‘VOCAL FOR LOCAL’ Come true. We also believe that every hand should have work and for that we want to establish Industries all across the Country. We also aim to expland the business further and would heartily welcome people you are willing to collaborate. Together we will have success and reach great heights.